World acoustic music with spiritually inspired lyrics, uplifting, upbeat and harmonious.    Stream   One None & Many    from  Vimeo ,  YouTube  or  SoundCloud

World acoustic music with spiritually inspired lyrics, uplifting, upbeat and harmonious.

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Baby Birth            

One None & Many
Got to be one to know yourself
Got to be none to exist
Got to be many to know your place    
A life you can't resist

One and none to be at peace
One and many to be of value
None and many to feel connected    
One and none and some to be
One, None, and Many
One and None and Some to be

Few of the many know the none
Some of the many have attained the one
For all of those life has begun    

One and none to feel free
One and many for success
None and many for loving devotion    
One and none and some to be

One when I see you are the same
None when I see there's no me
Many are the faces in our lives    
The spirit yearning to be free

One heart beating, the earth in sync
Without ego, none I be
Faces for the many we meet    
The soul just yearning to be free

Valiant Horsemen             
This is not a Cause which
may be made a 
plaything for your idle fancies,
nor is it a field for
the foolish and faint of heart.

By God, this is the arena of
insight and detachment, 
of vision and upliftment,
where none may spur on
their chargers save the 
valiant horsemen of the Merciful,
who have severed 
all attachment to the world of being.

These, truly, are they that
render God victorious
on earth, and are the dawning-places of
His sovereign might amidst mankind.

Kitáb-i-Aqdas, paragraph 178

Steadfast in My Love         
He is the King, the All-Knowing, the Wise! 
Lo, the Nightingale of Paradise 
singeth upon the twigs
of the Tree of Eternity,
with holy and sweet melodies... thou so steadfast in My love
that thy heart shall not waver,
even if the swords of the enemies
rain their blows upon thee
and the heavens and the earth
arise against thee.

Excerpt from Tablet of Ahmad
- Baha’i Prayers 2002, p.307

Midnight Sighing             
Tell the rich of the
midnight sighing of the poor
lest heedlessness lead them
into destruction for evermore
and deprive them of the tree of wealth
Tell the rich of the midnight sighing, 
rich of the midnight sighing of the poor

Trouble not yourself in poverty
with riches go not over confidently
for poverty is followed by
riches are followed by
poverty is followed by

Prosperity shall pass away and be no more
Abasement shall pass away and be no more
Rejoice not, grieve not
Rejoice not, grieve not
for both shall pass away, be no more

Free yourself from the fetters of this world
and loose your soul from the prison,
the prison of self
go and seize your chance
go and seize your chance
for it will come to you no more



Thou knowest, O God, and art my witness
that I have no desire in my heart
save to attain Thy good pleasure,
to be confirmed in servitude unto Thee,
to consecrate myself in Thy service,
to labor in Thy great vineyard
and to sacrifice all in Thy path.

Thou art the All-Knowing
and the All-Seeing.

I have no wish save to turn my steps,
in my love for Thee,
towards the mountains, the deserts
to loudly proclaim the advent of Thy Kingdom,
and to raise Thy call amidst all men.

O God! Open Thou the way 
for this helpless one,
grant Thou the remedy
to this ailing one and bestow Thy healing 
upon this afflicted one.
With burning heart and tearful eyes I 
supplicate Thee at Thy Threshold. 

O God! I am prepared to endure
any ordeal in Thy path
and desire with all my heart and soul
to meet any hardship.
O God! Protect me from tests.
Thou knowest full well
that I have turned away from all things
and freed myself of all thoughts.

I have no occupation save mention of Thee
and no aspiration save serving Thee.

Bahá'í Prayers, page 203.


Messenger of Joy             
Bird from a cage is set free
Babe from the womb is born
Flower from a pot to an open field
Human spirit just changing form

Death, a messenger of joy
Wherefore doest thou grieve?


Radiant Youth                 
O Lord! Make this youth radiant,
and confer Thy bounty
upon this poor creature.

Bestow upon him knowledge,
grant him added strength
at the break of every morn
and guard him within the shelter
of Thy protection
so that he may be freed from error,
may devote himself
to the service of Thy Cause,

may guide the wayward,
lead the hapless,
free the captives and
awaken the heedless, that
all may be blessed with 
Thy remembrance and praise.
Thou art the Mighty and the Powerful.

Baha’i Prayers 2009, p.254


Say: to assist Me is to teach My Cause
This is a theme with which
whole Tablets are laden

This is the changeless commandment of God
eternal, in the past, eternal, in the future


Spirit of Mine                 
In this life, in this time of mine    
I can't get by, just with you on my mind
Got to hold you, and kiss you good night
Find the tenderness, to make it right
Oh darling, by holy design
I'm going to love you, with this spirit of mine
I got no answers, but I’ve got a song
And I'm singing you, to come along
Cause these fingers, they'll grow old    
And my story, will all be told
To see you smile, when I’m slipping away
Knowing of love, in my earthly stay    
Your love, is so sublime
It's the one thing, that keeps me in line
It's not easy for this heart of mine
On a journey, through my time
Oh darling, by holy design
I'm going to love you, with this spirit of mine
I'm going to love you, with this spirit of mine